Sunday, February 10, 2008

Confidence Booster

When you are pregnant and nothing fits (or like you would like it to fit!) any little compliment is welcome.

This morning Taylor was in the bath and I had just put on my skirt/shirt and went in the bathroom to finish my hair.

As soon as I walked in she stands up in the tub grabs my skirt and says "Ooh so cute!"

Then rubs at my shirt and continues to say how cute I am....okay, how cute my clothes were!

It may have come from a 2 year old, but it was a nice little confidence booster!

I love her so much! :)


me said...

Hey Thanks for writing to me! I like to check out your blog as well! What a sweet heart you have! I love when my kids tell me I look pretty too! It melts your heart! Taylor is such a cute little girl! Kids are so much fun!

Over the moon said...

That is so cute. And you know it is so true coming from a sweet little girl! I love that. Hey, how did you turn those roses red and leave the rest black and white on that picture of Taylor? It is so gorgeous! It also looks like a hue of pink in there too?!