Wednesday, January 30, 2008

6 Months

I reached the 6 month (24 weeks) mark in the pregnancy!
It's quite comical because I am still getting speculations from people at church as to whether or not I am pregnant.
I always hear of others asking others if I am expecting or I get the 'look' like "Are you going to have a baby? Or did you just eat too much over the holidays?!"
To me I OBVIOUSLY look pregnant so it makes me wonder if people think I just naturally have a HUGE belly that sticks out like I am 6 months pregnant!

Maybe I do always look like I have a 'pooch' but I thought I worked on getting rid of it pretty well after Taylor!

On another note:

I am sick of the cold weather! If we were actually getting moisture out of all this bone chilling winds I would be okay, but we are not so I am not! Even on the 'descent' weather days we don't have any snow to take the little one out to play in!
I am tired of being stuck in the house so much and I am sure little Taylor Jane is too! You can only browse the web for so long, play with the same toys over and over and watch so many cartoons before you start to go a little crazy!

I was so bored this afternoon that I cleaned out two of our food cupboards! Troy also refuses to give up 'his' office yet that I can't even help/watch as we fix up the nursery!
I am soooooooooo bored.....


Chanc Nicole said...

You look great Alisha. I had the same reaction from people. Then around week 28 I just popped out. What did you do to get rid of that "pooch" after Taylor? You did a good job of it. By the way, thanks for the comment on my most recent post. I appreciate it. Take care of yourself and that little boy.

Ben and Sara said...

You look great, that shirt is so cute!! I remember being at that stage when people were still skeptical of if I was pregnant or not. I often wondered the same thing," do I usually look this fat?" I'm excited for you to have a little boy, and Taylor will be such a great big sister.

Over the moon said...

You look SO GREAT! Little Parker will be here before we know it! I know what you could do, so you don't die of boredom, make me some cookies and overnight them. OR you could have Taylor Jane make me a picture. OR you could draw me a picture yourself. hehe...see, now get to work ;0). I remember when Seth worked nights at the MTC when I was pregnant with Emi and I was SO bored after I got home. Sleeping wasn't much of an option, movies were getting old, and going to the mall just to get out was miserable with swollen feet! Ok, I know you don't have swollen feet, but I thought I could relate with the cold keeping you in, like my swollen feet kept me in. I also thought if I could write a long comment that that would help with the boredom too. :0)

Bradbury Trio said...

You look AMAZING Alisha!!! Wow--please go eat a twinkie or something just to humor me a bit! :) I wanted to shout out the biggest THANK YOU for your help with my "scrapbook dilemma" I'm going to check out the website you suggested, and might start going digital! Hopefully someone on Ebay still likes to do the paper scrapbooking so I can sell it to them and never see it again, and have more space on my bookshelf! Your blog looks great! How is potty training going?

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

What a cute pregnant belly!! I love it! That stage is always hard because to yourself you feel big, but to everyone else its questionable because you are so small! I wish you could come out to my house for the next few months, I have so many things I have been wanting to get done, that would help get rid of your boredom. And it would be just fun to see you again. Good luck hope the weather gets better!

Heather said...

LUCKY! You do look great! I wish I was small, but I looked like you at 20 weeks along with my FIRST. I'm jealous. But sorry your back is hurting!