Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm Sleeping....I Promise!

Last night as I was debating if I really had/wanted to get up and use the bathroom I heard a huge bang and then Taylor started crying.
I for sure thought she managed to finally figure out to climb over the railings and landed on the floor.
I rush into her room to see her just sitting up in her bed. She was able to throw her sippy cup just right and land on the heat vent to make the crashing sound louder! Now that she saw me she wasn't going let me out of the room without laying with her or bring her back to bed with us. As I pick her up to hug her I feel her diaper is so full, so I decide I better change her.

As I wrap up the diaper change, my bladder finally decides it's had enough and I had better go to the bathroom or I will be needing the diaper change next. Taylor would freak out if I just quickly put her back in her bed that I just take her into bed with Troy.

Upon returning I decide to let her lay with us for awhile (it has been awhile and sometimes I like to just lay with the two people I love the most.) A few minutes in, Taylor decides she wants to move around and try to stand up.

I threaten her, that if she does not lay down I will be taking her back into her own bed!

She quickly lays her head down on the pillow, SQUEEZES her little eyes shut, and starts to snore!

It's amazing how much these little ones observe and learn...

From their Dad! :)

(who by the way was starting to snore just before my threat!)


Heather said...

Cute story. :)

deidra said...

How is it that guys can instantly shut down and be sawing logs so quickly? I'll never how Chris can do that. If only he would wait the 20-40 minutes it takes me to fall asleep, I wouldn't have to keep kicking him to stop snoring!

Tweety, JimBo, and Teen Wolf said...

That was so cute. I am still laughing. I can just picture her doing that. My sis in law's daughter went to bed one night and ten minutes later she comes out of her room rubbing her eyes, yawn's real big, and says "GOOD MORNING!" I love the innocence of children.