Monday, October 01, 2007

I Caved....

I hate play doh.

I hate everything about it, especially how it usually ends up in little pieces on the floor then stepped on repeatedly until it is almost impossible to clean up.

But, all the little kids (Melissa's kids and Ryan & Maren's kids) LOVE it so I have some at my house for them to play with when I am watching them. I would never let them play with it when Taylor was awake because I just knew it would be a disaster.

The other day, after much attempt to entertain Taylor (and going outside wasn't an option) I pulled out the play doh! She absolutely LOVED it!

She loved it so much that it was ALL hers and Mom was not allowed to play with her and she would push me away whenever I tried. So, I grabbed my laptop and was able to easily keep myself busy while she was occupied.

Well, until I was checking my friend Carrol's blog (She has music playing on her page and I usually have the volume off on the computer, but not this time!) as soon as she heard the song start she shoved all the pieces to the side, crawled up onto the table and made herself at home....

Good thing I already had the camera out to catch the moment!


Pugmires said...

Such precious pictures!!! Play-doh is a favorite at my house too. It's a huge mess and all the colors are mixed, but it sure brings the creativity out in Maddie. Garen likes it too, but he also likes the taste because he eats at least one bite everytime there is playdough.

Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

Hey??? I wrote a comment on here right after I read this today and now it's not on here? Or do I just not see it?
So sorry if it's on here and I just don't see it, so I wrote that she must like me if she chose Rockin' Robins song over playdoe!! hehe!! Also, it's a dang good thing that you don't have carpet because I so remember picking out dried playdoe out of the carpet growing up because it was Doboy's and Sara's FAVORITE thing to play with!! It was a great way to keep them occupied, but I hated the mess :0).