Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wilkins Reunion

Ahhhhh....one more busy weekend done! :)

The reunion was full of yummy food, no sleep and good company.

The weekend started, Saturday morning with a tea party celebration welcoming little Delanie Hillman into the fam. You can read more about it on Nikkala or Karisa's blogs. Such a fun and enjoyable time.

That night we had an 'adults only' dinner at Troy's sister Patrice's home. (Thanks again Patrice!!) The food was so good! We played Bocce and Mexican Horseshoes.

Sunday evening was just a family potluck dinner. Once again full of too much to eat and good company.

That night Taylor decides she doesn't want to sleep and wakes up screaming at 11:30! I ended up just going in her room with her to sleep on the floor. So pretty much a sleepless night for us :(

Monday and the final day of the reunion was kicked off with a few games of paintballing (for the men and girls brave enough! So that means I stayed home! LOL) then back to our house for a BBQ.
After our bellies were full (again) the Amazing Race games began.

List of race events:

1. 10 question quiz

2. Bocce throw

3. Mailbox run (only 1 clue in the 5 family mailboxes)

4. $2.00 purchase race (penalized if they were under/above)

5. Parking lot count (Sent them to Paul Stake cntr. over 300 spots to count!)

6. Gold coin sandbox dig

7. Transfer water run

8. Move # of sticks strategy

Too bad Troy and I came up with the race so we were just referees and didn't get to run with them! It was still fun to watch!
I am a little sad we didn't take more pictures. But we were a little too busy eating, chatting, cleaning and running around!

During the races the little kids played in the little pool, I was surprised Taylor actually GOT in! (Do you like the shirts we had made??? Taylor's was HUGE!)

Only 7 more years until we will have it again! Hooray! :)
Thanks for coming all you family out there!


Pugmires said...

It looks like the reunion was a hit!!! That amazing race it a great idea. I'll have to keep that in mind. The shirts are way cute-great job Alisha!!!

deidra said...

We were sad we missed it. Mom was telling us all about it today, and it sounds like it was a great time!

Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

How fun! Taylor looks so cute in these pics! It's funny to see Seth's cousin (I guess mine too!) at your family reunion. Guess that makes us sister's then eh!!!! LOL