Sunday, September 23, 2007

What was that?!

Last night...

1:30 A.M.

Me: Troy, what is that noise?

Me: What is that?

Me: (now really stressing and trying to wake my (very) sleeping hubby) Oh my goodness!

I jump out of bed to look out our window just as the sound of locked brakes are silenced and headlights are now shining into our bedroom window...from the stubble field RIGHT outside our house. The lights turn off.

I seriously thought that car was going to slam into our house! As I am jumping out of bed Troy finally awakes to jump out of bed with me. We watch out the window as we can see someone moving around in the vehicle, then the light shoot on and they peel out out of the field, now heading West (opposite of our house....thank goodness) the brakes on the car start to squeal again as the driver struggles to stay on the road, then they shoot back into the field and shut the lights off again.

We make the decision to not try and help, but to call the cops.
The cops arrive about 10 minutes after we call, but as we are waiting for them to show up we have our bedroom window open as we listen to the (I think, drunk driver) calling someone for help. Not even knowing where they are to give accurate directions to find him, in the middle of a field.

When the cops arrive we realized the pickup was about 200 yards into the field (obviously they didn't want anyone to help them or they wouldn't have pulled so far OFF the road!) We observe as the cops search the vehicle, as the driver is standing behind the pickup....we never see him again.
One cop leaves, observes all the skid marks left on the road and returns shortly, only to again search the pickup. The first cop leaves the scene (the one I think the driver was in) while the second cop waits for a tow truck to take the vehicle away.

Leaving us in the dark as to what really was going on!
This morning Troy saw all the skid marks on the road, into and out of the side of the road, through a pasture fence and through another field.

Maybe a little joy ride turned into a night in jail? Still scary when you think your house is going to get rammed into!!!!


Pugmires said...

yikes, that's scary! I wonder what was going on with him-I'm glad he didn't hit your house!

Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

Alisha you would not believe how much suspense I was feeling when I read that. I still am in suspense wondering "who it was that did that?" I'm just so glad that he didn't ram into your house!" Did it wake Taylor up?

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

crazy,did you ever find out what happened?, I did get your e-mail thanks so much, I just havent gotten the time to do anything on my blog for a while, its amazing how much time a 1 month old takes up your whole day. I am adapting though. Thanks again I am looking forward to dressing up my blog!