Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wedding Day

The day has come and gone. I can now officially get back to my regular routine, clean my house, and stop stressing! :)

Saturday started too early and went too late, but it was really worth it.
We were up in Twin decorating by 9:30 am and finished our decorating right before noon. Melissa and I just brought all our stuff with us to get ready at Jason's and it worked out perfect that we were the only ones there until about 2:30-ish. I took advantage of an empty crib and laid Taylor down hoping for a good 2 hour nap. After finishing Melissa's hair and working on mine Taylor woke up...after just an hour of sleep! Just great!??!!

I got her bathed and ready and then all of the people/chaos arrived!

Jason was not informed that we were meeting at 3:30 for pictures. So he thought he had time to be down stairs watching a movie...wrong! Christy got back from getting her hair and make up done to find two little boys and one husband-to-be that still needed to be showered!
We managed to get out the door just after 4, alot of crying babies later, and a already stressed out bride!

Picture Time!

Aren't we Cute?! LOL

(I hate how flat Taylor's hair went...but what can you do??!!)
My Dress...

A few of my fav's through out the evening

Top Row:
Me & Christy
My Brother Jeff and his cute little family (Cindy, Calista, Hailey & Chance)
Zander (Jason & Christy's little boy...he is a stud!)
Taylor and I after the ceremony

Middle Row:
Happy couple with my Parents
Christy and the Flower Girls (minus Taylor!)
Us Girls (plus Ashton!)
Reception entertainment (my Dad and his friend LOVE to perform!)

Bottom Row:
Waiting for the ceremony to start (my feet KILLED!)
Wilkinson Boys & my Grandma Wilkinson
Melissa & Taylor (Taylor was doing her beauty queen wave!)

The Cake!!

This was Taylor most of the night....

We even took her on TWO car rides to fall luck!

Until the ceremony of course! She actually walked down the aisle dropping flowers here and there. But mostly taking two steps then stopping....right in front of the bride! It was hilarious! I had to go up and try to have her finish walking up the aisle, but ended up just grabbing her hand and 'pulling' her the rest of the way! I wish we had the camera going!
After she was successfully out of the way she stood in front of us bridesmaids, dumping the rest of her flowers out on to the ground and saying "UH-OH" really loud and over and over again!
Notice the pile of petals???

Cindy came up and grabbed her when she started 'fighting' with Ashton (who made his way up front to his mom) Then she was distracted...notice the other flower girl just 'chillin' in the back too??

Bride and all us Bridesmaids...

Having a little fun!
Sorry Carrol, no close up pic of my hair or of all the decor! Everything turned out fabulous and again...I am glad it is over! :)


Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

I know! I was so looking forward to seeing the back!! ;0) It looks great though, you looked beautiful! And the cake is amazing!!! Little TJ looks so adorable and so cute in that little dress of hers! Your dress was way cute too! and the shoes, oh my, SO CUTE!! So, what are you to do with your life being not so crazy and hectic anymore...ya right eh!!!?

deidra said...

Jim and Jan said that Taylor made the whole ceremony. That's pretty much all they could talk about last night. (Oh, and the pretty cake.)

Glad everything turned out well and you get a little break from stressful planning now!

Pugmires said...

Looks like everything went great! I love your dress and Taylors too. You both look very cute and everything looks wonderful. Now time to move on to the next busy thing.

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

I love your dress, and the cakes turned out beautiful. I hope things are slowing down now. Love ya

Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

Lish', I love these pics...I had to come back for some more ;0)