Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pajama's & Crocs

I don't know what I did but this last time I cleaned the living room floors but they became extremely slick! I even had a hard time walking across the floor! Let alone add a little girl that likes to run, doesn't have very good balance and slippery footed pajamas! You get too many tantrums of frustrations! After several falls, I decided to put a pair of her crocs on to help add some traction.

Well, she got the idea that since she was wearing her shoes we were going outside to play. When she realized we weren't, a tantrum laying by the back door was thrown. Since the terrible two's are coming out in her I have found I need to pick my battles with her. Sometimes it's just not worth fighting with her over something going outside. We may have both been in our pajamas, but it was still cool and comfortable and she was happy. Even though she looked a little silly!


Pugmires said...

Love it!!! They just get funnier and funnier as they grow up-but they also get more demanding and tantrumy when they grow up. But we lvoe them anyway!:)

Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

That pic of her in her carseat is too cute! I do wonder how she got it there! How funny!