Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mom VS. Dad

I thought I had at least a few more years before the whole, "But Dad said I could!" conversation with Taylor! To set the situation up...
In an attempt to get Taylor to eat better during meal time I have limited her MILK sippy cup intakes to nap and bed time. The rest of the day she gets juice or water, but they are in a completely different brand/type/style of sippy cup. She is weird and will only drink milk out of the soft spout nuby cups and will only drink water/juice out of the hard spout cups (weird I know...).
Well, this morning Troy was getting her breakfast and she saw the milk sippy in the fridge so he gave it to her. As soon as I rolled out of bed and went to join her in the kitchen I saw the situation (cup and the mess...clearly done eating) and walked straight over to her and took the cup away, cleaned her up and got her out of her chair. She marches straight to the fridge yelling at me and trying to open the door, "Da, baba Da, baba!" She was super upset when I told her no and gave her a drink of water instead. She turned and went straight down the hall yelling for Da and pounded on the office door (does that give you a hint that that is the place she usually finds Da??)

I think now is the time to sit down together and discuss going by the same rules! :)

Taylor's new thing is saying "Ta Da!" Especially after I am finished doing her hair and she can watch herself doing it in the mirror. (Do you like the mouth full of food!) :)

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Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

What a smart girl! I love to read about the progress that she makes, and the things that she does because it won't be long before Emi will be that age...I'm right behind you ;0)!!!!