Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for those old enough to go-
Taylor showed all the signs of what I would go through on the first day....

*Stayed up too late
*Too anxious, nervous, excited for school that she woke up extra early and couldn't fall back to sleep (5 AM early!)
*No matter how hard you try that outfit just didn't fit like it did or look as good as before!
*Bad hair day! (Seriously, I struggled getting her hair to do anything!) Carrol, Did you notice her hair is completely different along with her outfit?? Same day!
*Too sleepy to stay awake during classes (if you count driving into my Mom's school 'class'!)
*Loved seeing who was in your classes so you are too distracted to do anything (this is the only picture I could get where she wasn't turned around!)

If you are wondering why we were at school...
My mom teaches first grade and there is sooooooo much school supplies to sort through, so I go and help out the first little while until things are organized. Melissa had to drive Keegan to Declo so she wasn't around to watch her for me (and everyone else I know was getting their kids off also!) So she got to tag along and sit at the cute short desks! I never heard a peep from her....until she fell off the chair, good thing it was time to go home at that point!


Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

I had no idea she went to school that day!!! I was wondering if it was yesterday because she did look completely different (clothes and hair I mean)...she looks pretty cute in this pic!

Pugmires said...

How fun. Not to much longer and Taylor will be going to school! I can't believe Maddie starts preschool in 2 weeks-and Kindergarten next year!

Lotz Family said...

She looks so cute. Luckily she won't REALLY be going to school for a little while longer!