Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Random Things

I have been tagged by Nikkala...but this time is a little different. I am suppose to list 7 different facts about myself; funny, random, silly, whatever. Then I will choose 7 new people to tag. It may seem a bit repetitive, but it is always fun to learn interesting new things about your friends. If you are tagged, please list the rules when you post.

1. I love things being clean but I hate cleaning. I do it because there is something inside of me (OCD genes!) that keeps me cleaning. I will wipe down the counters 3-4 times a day but refuse to clean the floors more than once a week if not longer(except vacuuming)! I HATE mopping!

2. I can sit at the mall all day long and just "watch" people. People are just strange to me! :)

3. I hate scarey movies (Bloody, chain saw massacre types) but can watch the ones that "jump" out at you (ie. 6th Sense). After the movie is over I regret watching it because I am always a little freaked/jumpy. So to keep me from staying awake at night freaked out I rarely watch them.

4. My Dad "claims" that all us kids climbed to the top of Bath tub rock at the City of Rocks by the age of 2...on that note, Taylor will NOT be at the top within the next 6 months! I would have a heart attack!

5. I am a "bubble" person. I like my space and don't like people invading mine. Since I like my space I am not an outgoing, strike up a conversation with strangers person. I won't go out of my way to talk to new people (new in the ward etc) unless I have something to talk to them about or they approach me. I need to fix that I know!

6. I don't like being home alone when it's dark outside. When Troy was coaching ball I would always lock the door then unlock it shortly before I knew he would return home (or hurry and unlock it when I see him pulling in!) so he didn't think I was a wimp! I would also keep the lights off so people can't see in and I can see out and make sure no one is wondering where they shouldn't be wondering! Can you say paranoid!?!

7. There is very rarely a day that goes by when I don't change my clothes 2-3 times until I am comfortable in what I have on. Sundays are the worst! I usually go through 5 skirts/dresses before I am happy.

Now it's your turn! I tag Troy WILKINS (inside joke), Melissa, Karisa, Chris, Emily, Kristen, and Karlee. Have fun-

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