Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We Made it-

Well, we made it to Canada safe and sound. VERY VERY tired, but we are here. The day started pretty early...5 o'clock to be exact! Taylor was surprisingly not very grumpy for going to bed 3 hours past her usual time and waking up WAY too early!
Instead of checking in the car seat my sister and I decide to carry it through the airport, just in case there is that chance the plane won't be full and we will be able to take it on and strap her in it. Actually, we hardly carried it...my Dad did! First flight was full and it was almost 4 hours long! Taylor slept about the first hour and a half, so any thing that would keep her from whining she could play with! She could tell when my patience was getting thin with her because she would start playing peek a boo with her blanket or giving me kisses. How could I resist that cute little girl! It didn't help that we sat next to the Mr. Grumpy Head himself. He never said one word to us and acted like Taylor was going to take his stuff away every time she sat on Melissa's lap. Grouch! He probably doesn't have kids of his own.
Once we arrived at JFK we pretty much had to RUN to the next gate to board our next flight. Of course my Dad was so nice and hauled the huge car seat through the airport for me. We were totally lucky on this flight because we were able to pull it on board and strap the little one in. As soon as we started taking off, she closed those sweet eyes and I never heard a peep from her until we landed. Then it was nothing but whining! She woke up so grumpy!
When we get off the flight we stop in the rest room and I change her diaper and her much needed clothes. She had thrown up a little during our mad dash to the second plane and had cheese and crackers all over her shirt. Amazing what a clean outfit can do!
We meet my sister and nephew, give hugs then make our way to the baggage claim. We wait and wait and wait for 6 suit cases, but end up with ONE! Our luggage is lost! "Delayed" is what the airline calls it. And out of me, Melissa, Mom and Dad the one that gets to wear clean underwear and fresh clothes is my DAD! My sister was smart and had travel size carry on's of pretty much everything she needed, my mom had pajamas and Taylor and I HAVE NOTHING! Minus a diaper bag, laptop, and her puked on dirty clothes! Good thing we hauled around the heavy car seat or we would have been in trouble! Not to mention, my "blanket" was stored in the car seat bag, along with 6 bags of cinnamon bears for Gina (she can't get them here in Canada, so I hooked her up) Hooray for having my blanket! :P
As we were driving (very hungry, I might add...breakfast was a joke and no lunch was served on the flight and no time between to eat) we pass a Target...Mental note, must stop!
I usually can find TONS of clothes I like and fit for me, but not today! I left with just the much needed tooth brush and other toiletries. Taylor got a couple outfits, one pair of jammies, diapers, and wipes. Good thing Gina and I are about the same size! I get to raid her closet, hehehe.
Airline says they will deliver our bags within 24 hours, we'll see. I knew this trip was off to a bad start! Can only get better right?

Sorry this is like a novel, but we had a very eventful day. Taylor fell asleep on our drive across the border (p.s. never had to show the notorized note!), never woke up while I got her ready for bed and is peacefully sleeping! Hopefully it is peaceful for a good sleep in for me :)

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Lotz Family said...

Glad you made it safe and sound!! Hopefully you get your luggage and the return flight home isn't as awful!