Sunday, June 24, 2007


Last night as Troy and I were watching tv in bed we hear a huge "thump" hit our window! We both look at each other and think..."What the heck!". Troy's first thought was maybe a bird flew into the window. We shut the tv off and peek through the blinds. Then we saw the streak running down the window.....we were egged! Stupid teenagers! When Troy went out to water this morning it looked like we only got one egg, but they got a good shot of hitting our window. I guess it comes with us living in the country-kids think they can get away with it better than in town.
The first Halloween that we lived here our mailbox was bashed by a pumpkin, we got a new one and a couple nights later it was bashed again. This time we just strapped in on the stand with a bungee cord and sadly it has stayed that way! :) We have a new mailbox, but we want to put it inside our circle drive, but there are a few things that need to get done before that happens! :)

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