Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mowing the Grass

Never in my life have I wanted to go out and mow the grass so BAD!!! The weeds have taken over and are so tall it is ridiculous! People that drove by a few weeks ago and thought, "Yea! They have a yard!" are probably now driving by and thinking, "Wow, what a mess!" Troy tells me it will have to be until at least Monday before we can mow it (new grass needs to get 1.5" longer). It is one thing when family comments about how bad the weeds get (thanks Nikkala!), but this afternoon the mailman did! How embarrassing! He told me that I am going to have to get my father-in-law to come down and mow it for me! What, my husband can't??!!?! :) I explained how we just put new grass seed down and he said, "Well, when you finally get around to mowing it you will need to use a hay swather and get it bailed!" How rude! :) I totally and completely agree though, something needs to be done!

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