Sunday, May 27, 2007

Kind of Scary

This morning as Troy and I were eating breakfast the phone rings. I walk over and see it is a "toll free" # so I decide I am not going to answer. Troy being a funny guy that he is likes to give the telemarketers a bad time once in awhile says he will answer. Next thing I know I am hearing that my credit card for AJ's Bow-tique has been used in Ireland and somewhere else (can't remember the name)! Suddenly it turns serious for me learning that someone has a hold of my credit card information! The card is cancelled and now I have to file a dispute against the charges when I get the statement! It's become a sad scary world full of dishonest people! When I got home from Utah I didn't answer a call from a "toll free" # and now I am thinking I should have because maybe I could have prevented the second charge (which was last night/this morning) in Ireland! Scary.

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